DJ Bravo’s Champion song reached 6 million views on Internet

As we know that West Indies has won the ICC T20 World Cup 2016 which was held in India, DJ Bravo Champion Song hit the internet with the massive amount of visitors. The song is getting popularity from the style of West Indies players celebrated their win in th ground.

DJ Bravo tweet that his song “Champion” got the five million views on YouTube and internet combined.

Here we have the lyrics videos of the DJ Bravo Champion Song Video:

In this song DJ Bravo has named their ideal that they are champion for the world and for him. He has taken the names of Chris Gyle, 985 Bolt, Micheal Jordan, Obama and many more.

DJ Bravo also decided to perform on this song at the opening ceremony of the IPL in India.

We have also collected some of the most popular wallpapers of West Indies team celebrating their win in the ground and DJ Bravo song.

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